Some people may contend that all works must be representational in order to tell a story. I am fully convinced that the figurative and abstract can both have a narrative.  I have found a beautiful story hidden in both the decaying of the urban landscape and the people that inhibit that space. A story that reminds us that life is short and we need one another. Through my work, I am visually striving to prove that we as people share some of the same desires, hopes, and passions. I feel that my current works are emotionally and metaphorically charged portraits of people, friends and family that expose urban traditions and the human condition. I have begun merging my primary focus in painting with what is important to me; memories, feelings, and experiences.  I subtly challenge social, political and economic issues by focusing on key events and situations that are both personal and global. I am closely observing the current state of the world while recalling the echoes of my ancestors.