Betsy Huete’s ‘Big Show’ Top Ten of 2017

The title and the subject matter of the painting are pretty straightforward: there’s two grown men sitting on a bench talking to each other while one of them is eating something that looks like brisket. What infuses Baptiste’s painting with a quiet tenderness are small details that command the body language and chemistry between these two men…


Listen to the Big Show: Slow Down

Yet the two men in Ryan Baptiste’s Grown Folks Talking seem to have it figured out. At first, their comfort brings us discomfort. Relaxing on a porch, bowl of gumbo in hand, they’ve defied our obsession with being busy and occupied. Two grown men have stopped to unwind in the middle of the day. Our fast-paced world tells us that this is wrong….


Assistance League of Houston Celebrates Texas Art 2018

Assistance League of Houston Celebrates Texas Art is a juried art show that showcases work of today’s artists and presents opportunities for rising Texas artists to be discovered. In 2018, a record breaking 855 submissions were received, of those only 64 pieces of art were chosen to exhibit for an audience of over 3,000, and three were awarded First, Second and Third Place.